Beware of Nicknames and Trademarks

Beware of Nicknames and Trademarks

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:21:16


You might think that you are just using an innocent nickname but on the other hand maybe you are not.  Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel teamed up with JMAN2 Enterprises LLC in December during football season to trademark, “Johnny Football.” However, neither the company nor Manziel cannot proceed to make money until he is out of the NCAA.

A man named Eric Vaughn has allegedly been selling t-shirts that say, “Keep Calm and Johnny Football,” which clearly utilizes the name, “Johnny Football.” If Johnny Manziel and JMAN2 LLC win the case, all of the money made by Vaughn selling the t-shirts will go to Manziel as the Texas A&M compliance office was told by the NCAA that Manziel can keep whatever earnings result from the legal decision.

It appears that if Johnny Manziel cannot use his name for profit yet than no one else can either, and he is going to make sure that ruling is enforced in order to protect his name and profit for the future. Depending on which way the court rules, Manziel could simply be making a profit off of someone else using his name. The lesson learned is that what could appear to be an innocent nickname, may actually be someone else’s trademarked property. You can never be too careful.



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