International Takedown Request not Working – International Intellectual Property Law – Case Study #4

International Takedown Request not Working – International Intellectual Property Law – Case Study #4

Originally posted 2018-11-06 10:37:14

Despite the ever increasing amount of takedown request from copyright holders, piracy still rages onward (Peoples).

The 2012 numbers however are predicted to blow away 2011’s. So far, the 2012 numbers have surpassed 2011’s, and have even been projected to surpass 12 million (Peoples).

In the United States, takedown numbers are similarly large. In just the past month, 1,600 copyright holders have requested that Google remove over 2.5 million URL’s from 26,777 domains from their search listings (Peoples).

All of these figures have different interpretations. One way to look at these numbers is that the system is working. Digital media service providers are arguably unbiased third parties in the piracy war. They operate to provide digital files for their customers, and occasionally, and ignorantly, can be used by people for illegal purposes. If this is true, then takedown requests serve as the first piece of news for digital media service providers that they are hosting illegal material. According to Google, they have removed 97% of search results specified in requests they received between July and December of 2011. To many, this is proof that takedown requests are working (Peoples).

Others feel that takedown requests are a waste of money and resources, especially since the digital service providers live up to their legal obligations. According to emails from Sam Rosenthal of Projekt Records, even after files that have been taken down as a result of a removal request, new ones are uploaded soon after to replace them (Peoples).

In our world of instant uploads and covert piracy, it seems that something more than takedown requests will be needed if widespread copyright infringement is to be appropriately handled with.

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