Lindsay Lohan’s Shopping App Thwarted

Lindsay Lohan’s Shopping App Thwarted

Originally posted 2018-07-09 1:03:39

By Christina Severino |

spottedA lawsuit was filed in the New York Supreme Court by the founder of Spotted Friend, a company that offers a search engine tool in which people may find and purchase items found in pictures their friends have posted or shared with them. Spotted Friend has brought the action against Lindsay Lohan, her younger brother Michael Lohan, Jr., and Vigme, Inc (Vigme). Vigme has launched a similar tool, which is a mobile app that allows people to purchase items that are identical or similar to those found in the closets of celebrities. The founder of Spotted Friend, Fima Potik, contends that Lindsay and Michael agreed to join his company last year. Lindsay was offered a co-founder and spokesperson position with the company. She would be a major player in the launching and publicity of the company. As a result, Lindsay is alleged to have agreed to several terms, including confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-compete provisions. Also alleged in the complaint is that, upon signing on to work with Spotted Friend, the Lohans were afforded access to several trade secrets and business blueprints. The heart of Spotted Friend’s complaint is that the Lohans violated those terms, thereafter implementing Spotted Friend’s insider secrets to form a new company, Vigme, which was in direct competition with Spotted Friend.

The complaint alleges breach of contract, breaches of fiduciary duties, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair competition. Additionally, a request for permanent injunctive relief was included, to thwart Vigme’s operations. In the meantime, a concurrent TRO motion (Temporary Restraining Order) was submitted by Spotted Friend, which alleges that prior settlement talks between the Lohans and Spotted Friend were never resolved, and thereafter, the Lohans continued to spark media attention with the imminent launch of Vigme. The judge has granted the temporary restraining order, until the hearing for the permanent injunction is resolved.


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