Our Vision & Mission

AMD LAW GROUP is a family of organizations that contains AMD LAW, AMD GLOBAL Consulting and IS MY BRAND PROTECTED?  AMD LAW is a law firm the specializes in international trade law, internet law, international property law, and corporate compliance trade regulations.   AMD GLOBAL Consulting provides international business/intellectual property strategy consulting services. IS MY BRAND PROTECTED? provides brand protection services for small and mid-sized business with a focus on the technology sector.  IS MY BRAND PROTECTED? is also home to the LUXURY LAW FIRM which is aimed at the luxury product/services market.  AMD LAW GROUP has affiliations with organizations in India, China, Brazil, Turkey and Canada at present.  As reflected in our vision and mission statements our alliances will continue to grow.  We are based in the U.S. but see the world as our domain.  Our organization strives to meet all of our clients’ needs on a domestic and worldwide basis.


Our goal is to become one of the top 10 international firms that corporations and business owners think of when engaging in global business expansion. Our network brings the world closer to achieving brilliance with every alliance.


Our mission is to provide dynamic, comprehensive and expert business services while calibrating ourselves as a center point for all our international alliances. We believe in our alliance of lawyers and consultants who embrace the ideology that our clients benefit from an expansion of global collaboration enabling a single point of contact for a multinational reach!

AMD LAW focuses on federal practice only.  The principal of the firm is licensed to practice state law in the state of New Jersey exclusively.  The firm has an office in the state of Georgia but does not practice any matters related to Georgia law in the United States.

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