Rugby to Fashion

Rugby to Fashion

Originally posted 2018-11-19 11:19:35

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rugby to fashionTommy Bowe, an Ulster and Irish Lions rugby player, started a new gents brand clothing business called XV Kings Tommy Bowe Designs. He first involved himself in the fashion industry through collaboration with Lloyd & Pryce, a shoe brand. After the year of 2011, he has been working hard to develop his skills and knowledge of the fashion industry as a designer. Bowe’s line offers Harrington jackets, puffa jackets, and cashmere sweaters. Rugby star Tommy Bowe admits that he likes designing clothes and thoroughly enjoys being his own boss. The goals of his company are to create quality clothing that is tailored towards men like him and make his clothes affordable to the common man.

The difficulty of balancing his professional sports career and managing his business line proved to be manageable. Bowe stated that his team understands the split time commitment but he still tries to be as involved as he can. The reality of how the business world functions excites but scares Bowe, as he knows a rugby career does not last forever. He admits that he has been criticized for his involvement in the fashion industry but states that when people actually see his clothing, the response always was of impressment. Additionally, his teammates would often bug him for free clothing.

XL Kings Tommy Bowe Designs initially started with only clothing for rugby and football players but has grown to night wear and day wear clothing for the average man. It appears that his business continues to expand but Bowe jokingly adds, “We won’t be bringing skinny jeans into the range for at least another year.”



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