Women in Intellectual Property

Women in Intellectual Property

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By Katelyn Howells| Editor: Kristen Daly | www.amdlawgroup.com

Despite an increase of women taking higher level STEM courses (women taking STEM courses at equal or higher rates than their male counterparts), this increase is not reflected in the STEM workforce; women make up at most 39% of the workforce in individual fields. This discrepancy is also present in the patent law market. In 2012, women represented 33% of the legal profession as a whole, but only 25% of patent law practitioners. Currently, women make up 36% of the legal profession.

Because of the relation between science and patent law, and the subsequent gender disparity resulting from the lack of women in STEM, a greater amount of research has been done on women in patent law. No real studies have been conducted to determine if there even is a notable disparity between the genders in the field of copyright or trademark law, most likely because there is no obvious reason for one gender to outnumber the other in copyright and trademark law.

Copyright studies that discuss gender tend to focus on how the law itself favors men over women in granting copyright protection. Trademark studies similarly focus on the individual’s filing for and being granted trademarks, rather than the demographics of the legal profession.

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